My name is Anders Bau. Born in 1968 and raised in the city of Aarhus, Denmark and from 1987 an active part of the citys music life. Since my very early childhood it´s been all about music.

Singer, keyboard player, songwriter, composer, tech Wiz and producer.

I have, in the past 30 years, hit the 2.500 concerts mark playing in various bands and constellations as a keyboardist and singer all over Denmark.

These days, I´m concentrating on my newest solo project: "Behind The Machine".

I am the happy owner of the recording and production studio, Lovely World Sound, and have been producing, writing, recording and mixing all kind of music for all kind of people.

Teaching Electronic music, music, choir, studiotech and entrepreneurship at the creative boarding school "Femmøller Efterskole".

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